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"I can carry your big day" handbag is the second biggest in our collection and is made-to-order. It fits in all your busy workday and has the necessary features for it. Besides the volume of the bag, it has seperate closable laptop sleeve with magnets. This handbag completes your day with these features:

  • Space: 1 inside phone pocket + 1 laptop sleeve pocket and one big compartment
  • Laptop sleeve compartment is protected with cushioning foam and closes with hidden magnets
  • Deatachables handles
  • Handles are playful and has different accent color from the inside ( for your desired accent color mark it in the notes while ordering)
  • Additional small carry-on handle
  • Metal accessories of the bag is also your freedom of choice
  • Integrated keychain with a long leather rope
  • Measures: L 30 cm x H 35 cm
  • This bag is produced by following circular economy principe - therefor parts of the bag can be disassembled to re-use the materials for new products
  • And moreover, this bag is mostly made from factory offcuts leather - greatest benefit of them all

I can carry your big day

  • Since our studio works with factory off-cuts, we might have colour of your wish in our possession. Just contact us and we will get back to you!

  • Please be aware that all our products are hand-made by our small studio and therefor making of this bag can take up to 20 working days  from ordering date.  

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