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"High Society" Kunda wallet is a symbol to raise awareness of violence against Women. It presents one of the forms of masking pain, being embarassed and trapped but acting at the same time tough, perfect and keeping some social standard. You must overcome the fear and ask help. You are not alone.

Anyone can translate this symbol as they like, it can have a different meaning for each individual.  But remember - it carries power and strength.


  • It is fastened with zipper and has a snap hook for attaching
  • It can have many purposes and carry your small items
  • Measures: L 12 cm x W 8.5 cm
  • And moreover, this wallet is made from factory offcuts - greatest benefit of them all

High Society

  • Since our studio works with factory off-cuts, we might have colour of your wish in our possession. Just contact us and we will get back to you!

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