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"Double agent" - bracelet : ANAKONDA

A fancy jewellery can also be leather bracelet, a great addition to your collection. 

Moreover with a small closing mechanism manipulation you can flip the bracelet and have a completely new character and look of bracelet to match your outfit or change according the daily plans you might have - day time work to evening out.

Just unscrew the button stud and flip the bracelet and re-screw the button stud.


  • All our bracelets are done from factory and our studio offcuts!

This one is special and comes from glove factory offcuts, there are just small parts of it left and will be soon gone.

  • In the drop-down menu you can choose how many times you want the bracelet to go around your wrist, width and metal accessory colour.




Double agent bracelet - ANAKONDA

  • Since our studio works with factory off-cuts, we might have colour of your wish in our possession. Just contact us and we will get back to you!

  • Please measure your wrist circumference and add it to the notes while you order.

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