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"I will be your fun evening out" is a bag that is versatile and gives a nice touch to your outfit.

  • Handle is detachable/adjustable - also one wearing option is to have it around your waist
  • Handle always have 2 coloured strap for the element of surprise - you can turn it the other way for a little twist
  • Metal accessories of the bag is also your freedom of choice
  •  2 bigger and 1 smaller compartment
  • Extra: bagcharm/keychain with a tassel
  • Measures: L 20 cm x W 19 cm
  • And moreover, this bag is made from factory offcuts - greatest benefit of them all

I will be your fun evening out

  • Since our studio works with factory off-cuts, we might have colour of your wish in our possession. Just contact us and we will get back to you!

  • This colour of offcut leather is limited colour in our studio and will be used as long as we have it.

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